All Mancini pasta is good, great actually. To appreciate it you have to start by looking at it: the colour is due to the manic fussiness by which the cereal is selected, all cultivated directly on the estate, dried very carefully and slowly over a period of days and at very low temperatures. This is what gives it its dark slightly opaque look, not white or shiny. The aroma that spreads through the house whilst it is being cooked (and we do not mean the sauce) is in anticipation of what will soon be tasted.

Monte San Pietrangeli (FM)

Durum wheat semolina flour.

With ragu’ meat sauce, obviously made with Chianina beef, parmigiano reggiano cheese aged 30 months. In central Italy the sauce is made with lamb and cacioricotta cheese.


8 kg

€ 56,20 7,02 €/kg
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