Honey: who best begins...


Starting your day with a good breakfast, either with acacia, or alta montagna (high mountain), or millefiori (thousand flower), from the Diale family, is off to a great start. The Diale family have been  artisan apiarists (beekeepers) for over 40 years in Piedmont. At the beginning of the season they begin the process of “nomadism” transporting the bees in the early morning hours, very early actually, to those places where the flowers are in bloom for collection and they continue to move the bees following the blossoming flowers, but most importantly they follow an innate mix of instinct, competence, experience and passion that leads them to the blossoming flowers at just the right time: this is the true added value of superior quality production. Salmour is close to the Alps, in the Stura Park, reaching towards the most uncontaminated environment possible, the Diale family bring the bees at higher altitudes during the flowering season, thus obtaining a “simple” recipe (healthy bees, uncontaminated nature, competent man, in full respect for the environment) a honey that is truly exceptional. The same recipe and the same passion are used by the San Matteo farm in Giarre in the province of Catania in Sicily where the course of uncontaminated environment / fruit trees /healthy bees / honey / man  is the same, the only difference being that the flowers that are to be pollinated are of citrus trees; this is how the incredible honey of Zagara either of orange, lemon or the fabulous prickly pear versions are made. They are excellent varieties of honey, not too sweet, with delicate aromas, the Diale from the high mountain ranges and the San Matteo from the sun and sea, are both suited to be used in the same ways - classic on toasted bread, best if home-made, and are absolutely extraordinary served with yogurt or as a sweetener on mixed fruit compotes. Our opinion for those who love honey drizzled over cheese we found the combination of Castelmagno cheese with acacia honey, herbed spicy cheese with linden or rhododendron honey, Piacentinu cheese with zagara honey most exceptional. There are other follies such as dipping the cheese in acacia honey filled with Piedmont Igp toasted hazelnuts... We will not bore you any further with accompaniments, combinations, or recipes as these honeys are good even as they are by the heaping teaspoonful. Our advice is to let children try it even if they might get a little dirty it is well worth the effort and to try the breakfast well being line by San Matteo with tasty combinations such as bitter orange and cinnamon, or raspberry and lavender...

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