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Corbarì - Corbara tomato sauce puree

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Corbarino is probably the best tomato that exists, or at least, the best that is available even if available only in small quantities. There is a long history of passion in the work and effort that is behind rediscovering the Corbarino - a tomato that was until very recently practically extinct. It is grown on a hill on volcanic soil where there is plenty of sun but no water at all. When we naively asked: how do you irrigate the area?  the answer was a brief ‘when it rains’ We thought they were making fun at us but what they said was actually true: the only water available is rain water, and that is when it does rain. When it is time for the tomatoes to be picked, the leaves are dried out and yellow in colour, the branches are dehydrated, and it seems as thought the plant sacrifices itself to give all its hydration solely to the fruit. Add to that the fact that the soil is very rich in minerals, an extraordinary tomato is cultivated for both quality and taste, sweet like no other and low in acidity, but not very profitable as they are tiny (25 tomatoes are needed to fill a jar of half a kilo), they are picked by hand and then carried off on foot along the pathways in crates carried up on the farmers shoulders. Try it. Today this is the best tomato there is. To appreciate it fully use it instead of regular tomatoes, without changing your usual recipe and taste the difference especially in its sweetness which is its principal characteristic.

Nocepesche bianche di Corbara con buccia, acqua,zucchero d’uva

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