Stefano Basile selects for Foodità


Stefano Basile with little more than fifty years of age has acquired more than 100 kilos of ... experience (2.2 kilos per year on average, a standard he keeps with unchanged commitment). He is one of the leading experts of Italian food and wine. He has always dealt with the selection of products and raw materials for some of the most representative insignia and the distribution to increase the level of quality of the products themselves. After experience gained in the prestigious family owned delicatessen in Parma - renowned for the quality of the products, services and exposure - Basile works with different brands of food distribution, both Italian and foreign, and with some industries food producers as director for their selection, quality control, product management, pricing and optimization of yields, as well as the selection and training of personnel. Basile holds training courses for both private companies and important public authorities. For Foodità he traveled 100,000 kilometers and visited more than 150 companies, farms and restaurants each year, always looking for excellent products. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.



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