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Foodità is the portal of excellence in accessible food, just for you, at your home with a click, dedicated to those who want to know and taste food of the highest quality, selected directly on the place of production.

In a world where access to information and knowledge is, fortunately, easy for anyone, and whereby the possibility to travel is just as easily accessible to many, the issue is not the knowledge of products but the dificulty is in distinguishing between them and evaluating them, and their subsequent continual availability. Being able to evaluate and find the products is the true challenge: either there (on site) or here (by us) could be the slogan to explain our idea.

The choice of products is made after a careful and strict selection, taking into account amongst various aspects the organoleptic characteristics of the product. Special care is taken in other distinctive characteristics foremost of these is the person: the producer, the man who "does it", to understand what he or she "puts" in their products. Understanding how through his or her skills and experience they are able to convey the essence of the territory in their product, is, our fundamental distinction.

Foodità makes it possible to buy and receive at home a whole series of products, that are not only excellent but of which many people may not know the existence of and/or may only be aware of a non-original or inferior version.

Excellent food directly from the places and people of origin, not reserved only for professionals.

Finally, the "kilometer true": that is, only the distance required to bring the food from the place of origin to the place of consumption.

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